Sunday, 20th May 2018


The Department of Cell Biology and Immunology (CBI) gathers 20 groups interested in studying molecular mechanisms of mammalian cell organization and function. The research groups that compose the CBI share common experimental approximations, technologies and an interest in a limited set of cell processes: differentiation, motility, polarity, cell-cell interaction and signal transduction. The CBI’s research activities are structured around two major areas of research interest: the immune system and cell processes.

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 Director of the Dept.: María Luisa Toribio

Group Leader 

Balbino Alarcón   Signal transduction by the T-cell antigen receptor
Miguel A. Alonso   Cell polarity
Pedro Bonay   Functional Glycogenomics
Carlos Cabañas   Functional interactions between tetraspanin CD9 and cell adhesion molecules
Susana Cadenas   Mitochondrial pathophysiology
César Cobaleda   Cellular plasticity in development and cancer
Isabel Correas   Cytoskeleton-plasma membrane interactions
José M. Cuezva    Biogenesis and function of mitochondria and its role in pathology
Margarita del Val   Viral immunology
José Fernández-Piqueras   Genetics susceptibility in complex diseases: genes involved in susceptibility to T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma
Manuel Fresno   Regulation and function of proinflammatory mediators and their involvement in immune and inflammatory mediated diseases
Miguel A. Íñiguez   Prostanoids actions in inflammatory processes
José María Izquierdo   Molecular and cellular basis of the physio(patho)logy associated with the expression of intracellular antigens
Santiago Lamas   Molecular Pathophysiology of Fibrosis
Manuel López-Cabrera   Role of the epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) of mesothelial cells in peritoneal fibrosis and metastasis
José A. López de Castro   Mechanism of association of HLA-B27 with spondyloarthropathies (JALC)
Federico Mayor Jr.   G protein-coupled receptor networks: signal transduction and pathophysiological implications
Jaime Millán   Cell biology of inflammation
María Mittelbrunn   Immunometabolism and Inflammation Laboratory
Fernando Rodríguez-Pascual   Extracellular matrix remodeling in the cardiovascular system
Juan M. Serrador   Nitric oxide and adaptive immune response: regulation and function of nitric oxide synthase activity in the differentiation and activation of T-lymphocytes
María L. Toribio   Human hematolymphoid development
Ignacio V. Sandoval   Metabolic homeostasis
María Yáñez-Mó    Tetraspanin-enriched membrane microdomains in extracellular vesicles and cell adhesion and migration



                      Project Leaders 
      Nuria Gironés
(associated with Manuel Fresno)
               Catalina Ribas
(Federico Mayor Jr. lab.)
Hisse M. van Santen
(Balbino Alarcón lab.)