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The formation of an adult organism is the result of the progressive and spatio-temporally controlled specification of groups of cells, which simultaneously undergo cell divisions and movements under the tight control of networks of intra-cellular signalling pathways and transcription factors. Understanding these events is of fundamental importance to unravel the basis of many human diseases and normal aging and to design strategies for tissue repair or regeneration.



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Director of the Dept:  Paola Bovolenta

Group Leader 

Antonio Baonza    Control of cell proliferation and organ regeneration through intercellular signals
Paola Bovolenta    Morphogenesis and differentiation of vertebrate central nervous system
Ana Busturia    Drosophila Developmental Epigenetics
Sonsoles Campuzano   Regulation of gene expression during Drosophila development
José F. de Celis    Cell signalling during imaginal development in Drosophila
Carlos Estella   Gene expression control, patterning and growth during appendage development
Isabel Guerrero    Signalling mechanisms during development
Fernando J. Díaz-Benjumea   Cell fate specification in the development of the Drosophila central nervous system
Fernando Martín Belmonte   Epithelial cell polarity and cancer
David Míguez   Biophysics and Systems Biology
Ginés Morata    Genetic control of morphogenesis
Mar Ruiz-Gómez   Genetic and functional analysis of the renal filtration diaphragm in health and disease
Ernesto Sánchez-Herrero    Segmental specification and pattern formation in Drosophila


  Ad Honorem Professors
 Antonio García-Bellido  
 Juan Modolell
                      Project Leaders 

Natalia Azpiazu
(Ginés Morata lab.)

Florencia Cavodeassi
(Paola Bovolenta lab.)
Nicole Gorfinkiel
(Isabel Guerrero lab.)