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Virology and Microbiology

                Genetic variability of RNA viruses




Esteban Domingo Solans




Research summary:

We have worked in the development of new antiviral strategies based on lethal mutagenesis to avoid selection of treatment-escape viral mutants. The work has had an experimental part with hepatitis C virus (HCV) and foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV), as well as a theoretical line on new biological implications of quasispecies dynamics. With HCV we have documented that high viral fitness can confer partial resistance to the polymerase inhibitor sofosbuvir. In a search for new mutagenic agents licensed for administration to humans, we have shown that the broad-spectrum antiviral agent sofosbuvir is mutagenic for HCV. The cell culture system for HCV has allowed us several collaborations with other groups on virus-cell interactions. Regarding FMDV, we have identified polymerase residues that affect nucleotide analogue recognition; this knowledge may permit the design of more effective antiviral combinations. We have described a lethal mutagenesis-escape mechanism which is polymerase-independent and is associated with a single amino acid substitution in non-structural viral protein 2C. We have adopted for our studies measurements of diversity derived from deep sequencing and have participated in the design of microarrays to detect minority variants in viral populations.

Regarding theoretical studies, we have compiled quasispecies implications revealed by others and us, with publication of two books and several articles. In one of them we propose a distinction between recombination which is mechanistically unavoidable and biologically relevant recombination that signals important transition points in an evolution which is essentially clonal. Our efforts are directed towards converting a theoretical body of quasispecies understanding into applications to combat viral diseases.




Serial passages of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in human hepatoma cells (Huh 7.5)
in the absence or presence of increasing concentrations of interferon-α (IFN-α).
Low, Med, High represent 3 evolutionary lines with a different initial IFN-α concentration.
Details of this study are in Perales et al. J. Virol., 87(13), 7593-7607, 2013.



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  • N. Sevilla, E. Domingo, C. Escarmís, S. Ojosnegros, J. García-Arriaza, M. Sanz-Rojo, T. Rodríguez. "Vacuna atenuada para la fiebre aftosa". Nº DE SOLICITUD: P200801583. Patente concedida en España el 16/06/2011. Nº PUB: ES2344875.



Doctoral Theses:

  • Héctor Moreno Borrero (2012).  Dinámica poblacional del virus de la coriomeningitis linfocitaria ratón en su interacción con agentes mutagénicos. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Directors: Esteban Domingo y Verónica Martín.
  • Ignacio de la Higuera Hernández (2014). Factores determinantes del reconocimiento de nucleótidos en el virus de la fiebre aftosa. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Director: Esteban Domingo.
  • Ana Mª Ortega Prieto (2014). Mutagénesis letal del virus de la Hepatitis C. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Directors: Esteban Domingo y Celia Perales.
  • Elena Moreno del Olmo (2017). Evolución a largo plazo de virus RNA en ambiente bilógico constante. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Directors: Esteban Domingo y Celia Perales.



Other Activities:

  • Académico Numerario de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales, adscrito a la Sección de Ciencias Naturales, (2011).
  • Miembro de la Red Española de Biofísica, coordinada por el Dr. David Reguera, desde 2011.
  • Miembro del Global Virology Network, coordinado por el Dr. Robert Gallo, desde 2011.
  • Miembro del Comité Organizador del Congreso FEMS 2011 (Ginebra, Suiza, 2011).
  • Editor asociado de la revista Virus Research desde 2012.