Domingo, 25 de Junio de 2017

Special Seminar 26/06/2017

2017.06.26 nashaat gerges


Nashaat Gerges

Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA

"Role of neurogranin in the balance of synaptic plasticity during health and disease"

Special Seminar 08/06/2017

2017.06.08 luis sigal


Luis Sigal

Department of Microbiology and Inmunology
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA

"Mechanisms of NK cell recruitment to the draining lymph node during viral infection"

Special Seminar 06/06/2017

2017.06.06 florenci serras


Florenci Serras

Departamento de Genética, Universidad de Barcelona

"Sensing Tissue Damage by Oxidative Stress in Wing Discs"

Special Seminar 02/06/2017

2017.06.02 Jon Yewdell


Jon Yewdell

Lab of Viral Diseases, NIAID, NIH, USA

"The Case of the Missing Ribosomes and Other Tales of Protein Translation"

Special Seminar 26/04/2017

2017.04.26 raoul cm hennekam


Raoul CM Hennekam

Department of Pediatrics. Academic Medical Center
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Next generation sequencing demands next generation phenotyping"

Special Seminar 25/04/2017

2017.04.25 flavia caridi elena moreno


Flavia Caridi / Elena Moreno


"Bases moleculares de la estabilidad de la cápsida de los aftovirus"

"Capacidad adaptativa del virus de la fiebre aftosa y nuevas opciones terapéuticas"

Special Seminar 13/03/2017

2017.03.13 daniel lopez


Daniel López

Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CNB)

"Cell differentiation in Staphylococcal infections"

Special Seminar 23/02/2017

2017.02.23 carlos maluquer


Carlos Maluquer de Motes

Department of Microbial Sciences, University of Surrey
United Kingdom

"Poxvirus manipulation of the ubiquitin proteasome system"