Saturday, 3rd December 2016
The study of the biology of neural stem cells for its use in cell therapy of neurodegenerative diseases
Last March 16th, Dr Manuel Serrano gave the XVII commemorative "Eladio Viñuela" lesson at the CBMSO. The ceremony was presided by Carmen Vela (I+D+I State secretary), Rafael Garesse (Research and innovation Vice chancellor of UAM), Margarita Salas (President of the "Severo Ochoa" Foundation), Cesar de Haro (Director of the "Eladio Viñuela" Institute) and Jose F. de Celis (CBMSO Director)
Ultrahigh-throughput platform for the screening of thermostable proteins by thermophillic in vitro transcription-translation and microfluidics
Special Seminar 02/12/2016
José Luis de la Pompa: Developmental mechanisms in mouse cardiac chamber formation: Implications in disease
CBMSO announces its participation in the European project METAFLUIDICS
Convenio entre RedELA, Red de enfermos de esclerosis lateral amiotrófica (ELA), la Fundación Severo Ochoa y el grupo de investigación del Dr. Luis Carrasco para continuar con el estudio sobre la etiología de la ELA
International RTs Symposium 2017
Río Tinto, fundamental and applied aspects of a terrestrial Mars analogue
ENDOCORNEA. Convenio de Colaboración entre el Instituto de Investigaciones Sanitarias de la Fundación Jiménez Díaz y el CSIC para investigar en el CBMSO la respuesta inflamatoria del endotelio de córnea humana y su relación con patologías oculares
Margarita Salas ha sido galardonada con la Medalla Echegaray concedida por la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales
18th Severo Ochoa Seminar Cycle 13/12/2016
Prof. Martin Chalfie: GFP: Lighting Up Life
Aims to explore question is whether developmental mechanisms can help to maintain adult organ homeostasis and their relationship with disease
Study of cellular and molecular mediators of fibrogenesis
A new human primase/polymerase with a potential impact in aging
Host Microbe Interactions in Health and Disease: Interface with the Immune System
Redes moleculares y celulares en enfermedades inflamatorias
Convenio de colaboración entre el CBMSO y la Fundación SEUR para promover el proyecto TAPONES PARA UNA NUEVA VIDA
European Consortium for Development of Stem Cell-Based Therapy for Thymic Regeneration
Spanish cell therapy network
Convenio de colaboración entre la Fundación Severo Ochoa y la Fundación Isabel Gemio para promover la investigación de enfermedades metabólicas hereditarias



In the CBMSO we focus our research on the study of the molecular basis of human diseases with the ultimate goal of providing the necessary knowledge to design therapies, procedures and diagnostic methods that help improve the quality and life expectancy.

Our research in molecular biomedicine is based on two realities:

  • the need to reduce the social impact of the most disabling diseases.
  • the need to understand the molecular mechanisms of diseases to be able to translate them into biomedical applications.

Featured News

Los virus del Ártico son únicos
  • Un estudio liderado por investigadores del CSIC describe por primera vez la composición genética de la comunidad de virus presentes en lagos árticos
  • El trabajo demuestra que los virus de los ambientes polares podrían haber evolucionado de forma independiente en la historia reciente

Representative Publications

Recent Publications

pdf flat small Activation of Rac1 and RhoA Preserve Corneal Endothelial Barrier Function

pdf flat small Tumorigenic Properties of Drosophila Epithelial Cells Mutant for lethal giant larvae

pdf flat small A human cellular system for analyzing signaling during corneal endothelial barrier dysfunction

pdf flat small Parallels between single cell migration and barrier formation: The case of RhoB and Rac1 trafficking

pdf flat small Transcriptionally Driven DNA Replication Program of the Human Parasite Leishmania major

pdf flat small A diet enriched with plant sterols prevents the memory impairment induced by cholesterol loss in senescence-accelerated mice

pdf flat small Fear-of-intimacy mediated zinc transport controls the function of Zn-finger transcription factors involved in myogenesis

pdf flat small RhoB controls endothelial barrier recovery by inhibiting Rac1 trafficking to the cell border

pdf flat small Neuronal activity controls Bdnf expression via Polycomb de-repression and CREB/CBP/JMJD3 activation in mature neurons

pdf flat small Structure of developmental gene regulatory networks from the perspective of cell fate-determining genes

pdf flat small Resequencing and assembly of seven complex loci to improve the Leishmania major (Friedlin strain) reference genome

pdf flat small Prostaglandins induce early growth response 1 transcription factor mediated microsomal prostaglandin E2 synthase up-regulation for colorectal cancer progression

pdf flat small Gene transfer of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) prevents neurodegeneration triggered by frataxin deficiency

pdf flat small Cellular Barriers after Extravasation: Leukocyte Interactions with Polarized Epithelia in the Inflamed Tissue

pdf flat small PTEN recruitment controls synaptic and cognitive function in Alzheimer's models

pdf flat small MEPSA: minimum energy pathway analysis for energy landscapes

pdf flat small Opposing Shh and Fgf signals initiate nasotemporal patterning of the zebrafish retina

pdf flat small Resistance of Hepatitis C Virus to Inhibitors: Complexity and Clinical Implications

pdf flat small NOX4-dependent Hydrogen peroxide promotes shear stress-induced SHP2 sulfenylation and eNOS activation

pdf flat small Establishment of a Developmental Compartment Requires Interactions between Three Synergistic Cis-regulatory Modules

pdf flat small Reversal of diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance by inducible genetic ablation of GRK2

pdf flat small Cyclooxygenase-2 and Prostaglandin E2 Signaling through Prostaglandin Receptor EP-2 Favor the Development of Myocarditis during Acute Trypanosoma cruzi Infection

pdf flat small Bacteriophage GIL01 gp7 interacts with host LexA repressor to enhance DNA binding and inhibit RecA-mediated auto-cleavage

pdf flat small Matrix cross-linking lysyl oxidases are induced in response to myocardial infarction and promote cardiac dysfunction

pdf flat small ERAP1 polymorphism relevant to inflammatory disease shapes the peptidome of the birdshot chorioretinopathy-associated HLA-A*29:02 antigen

pdf flat small Cell competition, apoptosis and tumour development


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